Mike Mcdaniel should be interviewed for head coach of the Giants

I'm sorry but both McAadoo and Judge were not brilliant forward thinking guys. That is their common thread.

Mike Mcdaniel, non play calling offensive coordinator of the 49'ers, is a total football geek who could possibly sync with the Giants because he is the current genius of the NFL running attack. The young coaches that are succeeding are almost all offensive in background, this guy's probably smarter than all of them. There's no doubt he can be brilliant with the passing game as well.

If you look at his interviews online, you might think WTF, how could this guy be a head coach, but I suggest you'd be wrong. He went to Yale, he's beyond passionate about football, and you don't need to be a douche to gain player's respect in 2022. Look at Cliff Kingsbury and others of this new breed.

I would pair him with Patrick Graham ( if that's possible with a new GM ) and it would be " Revenge of the Nerds" on the gridiron. Graham got career years out of Leonard Williams, James Bradberry, and Blake Martinez in 2020. This year he managed to do reasonably well with zero support from one of the worst offenses imaginable.

We can't bring in a retread, or a defensive minded head coach, that would be Joe Judge style hyper conservatism - let's take advantage of hitting rock bottom by truly taking a shot at a high ceiling.

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