An interesting (And slightly disturbing) observation.

Having watched way too many Joe Judge pressers over the last two years I started thinking about people who constantly use a qualifier or catch phrase in their speech. Punctuating or prefacing a comment with words like "right?" "ok" or a phrase like " trusting the process" over and over when it isn't called for or needed in a sentence to me shows a couple interesting things. One - Insecurity in your ability to communicate your thoughts clearly without having to reinforce your point. Two - Lack of creativity in the thought process itself suggesting that this person is falling back to a "safe" position that they are comfortable with and can feel like they can predict the outcome of. To me this shows a rigidity in the thoughts and behavior of that person and an inability to adjust to a new situation. Both things that Judge showed over his two years here. Daniel Jones shows some of this also in his constant starting of an answer with the word "yeah". It's possible to be too "locked in" IMO. You have to be able to make quick decisions as a QB and sometimes go outside the parameters. Jones doesn't show that in his play but instead stays focused on the original design of the play instead of making adjustments on the fly. If this is correct its a bit scary for next years chances of showing some improvement. Just a personal ramble but I would be curious if there are any Psych majors out there that could confirm or deny this. And yes, yes I DO have too much time on my hands.

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