BBV post season survivor series.

What's that BBVers? The "Giants not going to the finals" blues got you down? Have no fear, AG has you covered, kind of. Think of it in the way a sock covers a naked person, kind of covered, but you could be more covered.


The post season survivor series. What is it all about? Pretty simple really.
- Each week pick 1 team to win. If that team wins, you move onto the next week. If that team loses, you're out.
- You can only use a team only once for the playoffs, until the super bowl. If you have survived that long and have already used the 2 teams in the big game, you can take your pick, I guess. I was going to be a hard-ass about only using each team once, and planning your SB winner from the start on the way back but whatevs. Have at it. If there is a more than a few in it at the last game I will throw in some extra bits to sieve out a winner.
- Actually, pick all the games and separately identify your survivor pick. I'll use the picks as a tie breaker should there be any unpleasantness at the end. If there is still some possibility of a tie, I'll make something up.


Raiders at Bengals (sat)
Pats at Bills (sat)
Eagles at Buccs
49ers at Cowboys
Steelers at Chiefs
Cardinals at Rams (Mon)

Get your picks in, have a good week. (and slap a rec on it - the fan posts are coming thick and fast with the recent events)



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