The EmmEffer TB12 was referring to is...

Daniel Jones. Now I know some of you may see that and think two things. First, I am an anti Daniel Jones guy; it's actually the opposite. Second, you want what I just smoked. There is no way TB12 would want to come to the lowly Giants so how could Daniel Jones possibly be this notorious person Tom Brady was talking about?

To start off, I want to attack 2 common reasons fans would give you for why not? The first being that the Giants are a laughing stock. Well, the Tomba Bay Gronkaneers were a "lowly" football team too until Brady decided to leave NE. If you look back at the team prior to the start of the 2020 season there is definitely some pieces there to attract TB to NY. Mainly SaQuon, but Engram, Shepard and Slayton along with Tate, who albeit aging would have presented TB12 another short area guy he can depend on. Shepard, Tate and Barkley give Brady numerous short options while Slayton and Engram take the tops off and stretch the defenses. Barkley being the crown jewel, and TB12 looking at having a generational talent at RB to help carry the load and provide him a safety valve in the passing game.

As for the notion that Brady would pass up NY because they had just hired Joe Judge, who came from the Belichik tree to me is hogwash. Bruce Arians may be thought of as a players coach, and he is often talked about as this big goofy trash talking offensive guru. Which are all true, but if you listen the Pat McAfee Show (if you don't, you should), you will hear Pat allude to just how tough of a coach BA is and how hard a practice he runs. So this idea that Brady ran away from hard coaching simply isn't true. He went from one hard ass to another. Plus once he "got out from under" BB he talked about him with praise. Had he been running from hard coaching he would have said so. Especially looking back at it now in hindsight, TB12 has talked more since leaving NE. However, still no bombs being toss BB's way. Hmmmm.... So maybe, just maybe, TB12 is ok with hard coaching, and would not bristle at a hard ass like Judge who has the audacity to assign NFLers laps to run (in case you can't tell that last sentence is dripping with sarcasm). Did he want more say a la Rodgers this offseason, maybe. He would have likely got that in NY with Judge being a new coach. He would have likely sought the advice from Tom that maybe BB and coach McDaniels didnt seek out in NE. What's better than TB12 to help foster in your era and attitude to the Big Blue locker room. Answer, nothing.

Side caveat, also talked about is how it was TB12 not BB, that is why the Patriots were dominant. Nonsense. You took a scary monster (greatest defensive mind in football) and paired that up with another scary monster (greatest QB to play the game) and were shocked to see them form a super monster? It's not TB12, it's not BB and the Patriot way, it's the combination of the two together. Separate them, and I don't think either win more than 1-2 SuperBowls apiece. Together they dominated the game of football for 20 years, and have 6 rings together to show for it. Not too shabby.

So assuming I am correct in that TB12 would not bristle at joining a franchise currently entrenched in losing ways or hard coaching, why would he want the Giants job? First of all is the NY market. Say what you will about Brady and the TB12 ways, but Mr. Brady understands business, and despite it being an internet/global market era there is still benefits to being in NY you don't get elsewhere. Plus Giselle loves NYC and they own a house in the city so clearly the city itself is a huge draw for TB12. Although the city/states he would live and play in having outrageous tax prices is a negative I can not dispute. Yes, they have enough money to afford taxes, but still nobody likes paying more in taxes.

Let's go beyond the city and desire to be in the geographical location. What are some football reasons for picking the Giants. Well for starters, he may actually very much like Joe Judge as a coach and a person. Judge is a no-nonsense hard ass, but again so too was BB and Bruce Arians is also one of them despite being labeled a players coach. Do not get it twisted BA is no Wade Phillips. Judge may have primarily been the ST in NE, but his last year there he also was the WR coach so no doubt that he and Tom got to work together more that year. What if Tom loved Judge, and wanted to help him establish his tenure with Big Blue?

Plus if you go weapon by weapon, on paper the Giants might actually look more appealing than Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay had Evans and Godwin, but even Chris was still a project before last season. Yes, he showed serious potential, but never really put it all together with Jameis at the helm. RoJo was there, but was a middle of the pack running back. OJ Howard has not lived up to being the first TE taken in 2017 draft. Oh, and Tampa Bay had pick #13. Compare that to the Giants skill positions listed earlier, and I think the edge has to go to the Giants. Plus they had the #4 overall pick. Factor in a Gronk to form a scary TE duo with Engram and an AB to be the Giants 4th WR option, and I think that TB12 could have very well been intrigued by the Giants. Both players signed by Tampa after Brady signs so they could have just as easily ended up Giants as they did Buccaneers.

Also, he would have been playing in the NFC Least which would have presented him with the easiest road to the playoffs. Which is ultimately the most important thing to Brady. Making the playoffs because you can't win Super Bowls unless you make the playoffs first.

Then we come back to what was said.
In their knee jerk reaction many speculated that it could not have been the Niners because Tom and Jimmy G. are friends so he wouldn't have called him that. Well last time I checked TB12 doesn't know Daniel Jones outside of there match up Jones rookie year. A game in which Belichik made Jones look like a rookie (well that and ridiculous wind made for a sloppy Thursday game). With Judge being someone he knew, and Daniel Jones being just a second year player that many people thought was drafted way too high, too turnover prone, and looked like sloppy the one time TB12 got to see him play live? Yeah, I could definitely see TB12 referring to Jones as that EmmEffer and was shocked to hear that Getty, Judge and Co. decided to stick with Jones because as Getty says "he's in full bloom love."

P.S. I am a dumb fan so this next part will not make since, but I am glad we didn't sign TB12. Clearly the obvious choice is yes you want the greatest QB to ever play sign with you. However, much like Connor the Boston Stooge on the PMS show I am loyal to a fault to my team. And just because you could not beat them, doesn't mean you get to join them. Take your ball and go play somewhere else Tommy lol.

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