The problem with a young OL

Read Nick Falato’s great run down over at Giants Country about some of Andrew Thomas’ preseason issues. It’s got some pretty good insight into the things Thomas seems to be struggling with still. Decision making especially.

The one thing that jumps to mind when we talk about how Thomas should be a sort of plug n play Tackle with little development needed. On just about any other team Andrew Thomas could be a plug n play Tackle along a line of likely more experienced players. The likes of guys who have faced the majority of players Thomas will go up against, able to inform Thomas what they’ve learned going up against these guys, and what works. With no real veterans in this OL (besides Solder) there is very little information to be shared about experience with specific defensive players (and even DCs). I’m not saying OL coaches are incapable of sharing information. But as anyone knows from any job, a managers insight vs a workers insight is very different. The same can be said here, where the experience of other starting veterans on the OL could helps Thomas’ confidence, and speed up his decision making until he gets comfortable, and it becomes more second nature. I stress that Thomas would need to be on a team with starting veterans not just any veteran. These are the guys who has recent fresh experience. Nate Solder for example, no experience with Chase Young, only 2 games against Montez Sweat. I’m not saying all defensive players are unique, but it helps to know how these guys think as individuals and react to your own moves something that’s only learned in experience.

Bottom line, the youth of this OL is more a weakness than a strength. Thomas and Peart could easily be adequate sophomores on other teams. Just not going to light it up here on the Giants for a while.

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