BBV pick em week 1....MY precious..


In the middle earth of old, the goblins watched as the orcs would kick around the heads of conquered men in their own game of "football". As a bit of side action, the goblins would pick the team that scored the most head goals.

Fast forward to upper middle earth and the pick em remains a pivotal part of the football season, especially for fans of chump teams that can't get it done in the season. Let's hope that this is not the case and that this sorry affair is just a near forgotten side show to a winning Giants season.
And so with that terrible preamble out of the way, I present to you goblins of BBV, the annual pick em.
Last season saw Pockets Presence win the season in the last couple of weeks, robbing j-man at the end. At the other end, Salsa came last, dead last, dernier, letzte, deireanach, fakamuimuitaha. With the dawning of the new season, all slates are wiped clean, and for a short, short time, all are equal at least on the score card.
Rules are simple;
• Put your picks in - pick your winners for each game, picks in before the games start.
• 1 point for a correct pick.
• 2 points for a correctly picked tie.
• Bonus point for a full round of correct picks.
• Accrue enough points to win a shiny, imaginary trophy at the end of the regular season.
I'll make up other rules as I go along.

With that, I announce the 2021 BBV pick em open.


Week 1

Cowboys at Buccs
Jags at Texans
Chargers at WFT
Seahawks at Colts
Jets at Panthers
Vikes at Bengals
Cardinals at Titans
49ers at Lions
Steelers at Bills
Eagles at Falcons
Browns at Chiefs
Packers at Saints
Broncos at Giants
Dolphins at Pats
Bears at Rams
Ravens at Raiders

Get your picks in, have a good week.


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