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Tips for enjoying the best Giants tailgates

We went to the people who know best — Giants fans — to find out how you can make the most of of Giants tailgating.

Syndication: The Record Michael Karas/ via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Tailgating is a fundamentally important part of the NFL fan experience, though it’s not something the team here at Big Blue View gets to enjoy often. We’re too busy bringing you the latest and greatest about this team that we all love on game days.

So we asked readers for some of your best tailgating stories, tips, and experiences as a fan of the New York Giants. Here is a collection of some of the best responses we received.

From mrt27nyg:

My first GIANTS game was 1974, at the Yale Bowl, against the COWBOYS. My two uncles took me, and the best part of my first game was the incredible veal parmigiano sandwiches they picked up from Lenny’s Pizza in West NY. The GIANTS lost, but the whole experience of attending my first live sporting event, and enjoying those incredible sandwiches (drinking COKE as a kid, then BEER as a teen, especially at the USFL in the spring, I have fantastic GIANTS STADIUM USFL stories )... Now, at least once a season, I will invite my SERIOUS GIANTS fans friends (guys with GIANTS tattoos, associates, and longtime politically incorrect GIANTS fans that I grew up with) over, and my wife, God bless her, will fry up the veal cutlets, and make delicious veal parm, which will then take its rightful place on my most favorite bread, Vitiello’s of Nutley...these sandwiches are freaking off the hook, and it takes me back to my first GIANTS game, with my Dad’s two wonderful, tough, brothers who were always there for me in my life. I miss them both, but I am grateful for the love of the GIANTS and the traditions they gave me.


Tailgating? Germany? Hahahahaha. It is simple here. We head to the stadium at a reasonable time, grab a beer (or several) and maybe grab a brat. It is that simple. If the game is on TV, we either watch at home or a bar. Now, during the big national team games, if the weather is reasonable, our landlord (who is also one of our best friends which is amazing) invites a bunch of us to the backyard and we grill (on my American sized BBQ) and drink beer.

But tailgating implies that people are driving to the games. That does not happen. I live 15 minutes from RhienEnergie Stadium by bicycle so there is no need to drive. For people further away, they tend to take the street car (the #1 train to be precise) to the stadium. ”Tailgating” just doesn’t happen.

From mnat:

Make about 7 games a year since 2006, Weber Q is our tailgating staple. Pork roll egg and cheese in the morning for breakfast followed by many things for lunch. Hot Italian sausage from the local deli, steaks and garlic toast, shrimp skewers, lobster tails, and whatever else we might be in the mood for (even our friend who is vegan gets a spot on the grill for her food). It is all about spending time with my family and enjoying some food and then a Giants game.

From Miam1Silvio

Since the early ‘90’s, my buddies and I set off a rocket wearing the helmet of the opposing team off the day just after we break down our tailgate. We’ve had guest igniters such as Rodney Hampton and Jim Leyritz.

And we are all loaded up for this season!

Go Giants!!!