Wanna Bet? Alvin Kamara Over total yards

Others may disagree but I think you can't have an above average defense without having a very good Middle LB. Any critics of this I'll refer you to Sean Lee effect on the cowboys as Giant fans we should all be familiar with. Out of all the injuries the Giants have suffered Blake Martinez is the one I think hurts the most and the one that will have the biggest impact on the team. He's obviously very good and does more than shows up in the box score and the drop off behind him is pretty significant.

I would imagine the Saints will play pretty conservatively overall as they have to believe they have the better team and are playing home and if they can keep Jameis Winston from channeling his inner Mr.Hyde they should be able to get by the Giants. Enter Alvin Kamara. Obviouly Kamara can be explosive and here comes the struggling Giants minus arguably the second best player on their defense and the player behind him is low on experience and so far appears to be adequate at his position at best. I expect to see plenty of touches for Kamara and I expect the Saints to spend quite a bit of tome attacking the middle of the field with him and see if whoever is in there can keep up; Through 3 weeks Kamara has put up 91, 30, and 118 total yards for an average of 79.3 yards/ week. It would not surprise me to see Kamara eclipse the 100 total yard mark this week. There's no line on this at time from what I see. It's purely a guess by me that it comes in in the 90-95 yard range. But thats about where I'll be looking to play Kamara over total yards.

God help us.

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