Fire Sale???

I feel like we shouldn't even play the charade of we're not giving up. This crap is the same thing year in and year out. Gettleman is an idiot and nothing here is going to change . And I think Judge got the job based on some tough talk but the results are horrible. They were equally bad last year. Go back and look up the QBs on the teams we beat. It was always a back up or Alex Smiths first start since his injury. So who should we deal. We already hold a ton of draft picks I wouldnt mind targeting players who are 1st or 2nd year players that have shown something. My trade chips:

Saquon , Engram, Shepherd, Rudolph, Solder, Shelton, Beal , Love, Holmes. As for Daniel Jones I think depends on how much you like the guys coming out. Im a Jones fan and if they decide to keep him I won't hate it, but I could see the Steelers, Falcons, Saints, being interested (i think Vikings would be a good fit for him but Cousins contract is insane theyre married to him).

This is all probably just wishful thinking anyway. If Gettleman is finally going to be let go , which has to happen- doesnt it???- no moves will be made. They'll leave it all up to the next guy. But my god this has to change, it's been too long already. God save us.

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