Not that it matters, but...

...can we please do at least a few of the following:

1) Move Lorenzo to ILB. He clearly isn't an edge rusher, and his size & athleticism is at least worth a shot in the middle of the field, esp now that Blake, and the season, are done. I have always felt that he could be a sideline-to-sideline tackling machine, if given the chance. The man was 6' 5" 250 lbs and ran a 4.43 at the Combine! Not saying he's still that fast, but I bet he's still our fastest LB! What do we have to lose?

2) Can we please see what Golladay, Rudolph, Smith, Toney, and Collin Johnson, are actually capable of? At this point, I'd rather go down swinging than punting. If DJ throws 4 TDs and 2 picks, and those guys are each targeted 5 or 6 times per game, at least we'll see what they each have to offer. Losing 42-38 is more fun than 17-14, no?

3) Can we puh-lease trade Evan Engram?! It is clear to everyone that he will never work out here. Sometimes a change of scenery is the best thing for all parties. I'd take a pair of 5ths at this point, but we should be able to get a little more, no?

4A) I'm the biggest Saquon supporter outside of his family, but he's not hitting the holes this year. Sit him down, show him the tape, and demand that he not make a move behind the LOS anymore until further notice. Bench him each time he forgets. Lower the shoulder, and take the 4-5 yards, or even the 2-3 yards, bruh, until we start getting things back on track. Make your moves on the 2nd level. And run behind Thomas, for Chrissakes, instead of between the piss-poor Guards all the time. I know there aren't many holes, but you've still gotta come away averaging 4 yards or more, regardless. You'll get one or two chances to hit the 2nd-level if we are moving the chains enough to get you 15-18 carries. But that only happens if you stop taking these 1 or 2 yard losses while waiting for a hole to open that's not coming.

4B) DJ should run at least 4-5 designed running plays per game. RPOs and QB draws should be a huge part of our attack. They not only have worked really well, they also will free up Saquon's runs a bit if teams have to really worry about Djs runs as well. Teams won't crash down off the edge to stop #26 so hard and so often if #8 leaks out the back door for a couple of long gains in the first half. And ILBs won't be able to take way the intermediate throw so easily if they have to worry about DJ sprinting up the middle for an easy first down. He ran for over 100 yards & 2 TDs (before the holding penalty) last week, and to my knowledge, no RPOs were called yesterday. WHY?!

5A) Play press man. All the time. ALL. THE. TIME! We have proven that we suck at soft coverages. We need to make our high-priced CBs and FS earn their pay. We can double the slot receiver &/or the TE if we need to, but we have to make WRs make contested catches. If they consistently do, then we're over-paying our CBs, no? That's good to know before next season and the next draft, isn't it? But I think they'll actually do a decent job, and with Ryan providing Safety help over the top, we can take chances on creating turnovers. But at least we'll avoid

5B) Play a 4-2-5. Our interior run Defense isn't as good as last year's was. But with 4 down linemen, it could be. And our 4 D-linemen may not get great pass-rush, but they will at least occupy all 5 O-linemen, right? That means our ILBs (Carter & Crowder?) can make run-game tackles without O-linemen to worry about. And, we can bring pressure from somewhere along the back 7 on every pass play. Mixing up the blitzes is supposed to be a Graham Specialty, no? Combined with playing press man on at least the two main WRs, that should allow us to cover the remaining receivers with whomever isn't coming on the blitz in some combo of man and zone. We'd have 6 to cover at most 5 on every play, while still sending one person on a blitz. This seems like at least worthy of occasional use if not as the new base Defense, sans-Martinez.

6) Our best Offensive player is clearly and without doubt...Gano! So can we puh-lease stop punting from the Opponent's 40? The man can consistently make a 56-57 yarder. Let's stop denying him the chance! Going for it on 4th and less than 5 in the Red Zone is worth considering as well, because you're still trying to score, but punting once we cross their 40 should no longer be an option. We're 0 and damned 3! What are we afraid of...losing?! Always go for points once we cross their 40. ALWAYS.

7) Last but not least--throw the ball down the damn field! Throw the Wheel Route we saw so much of in Saquon's rehab sessions. Throw the high-point fade in the Red Zone to all of these Power Forward-types we have on the team now (except Evan, of course). Throw crossing routes to Toney, and if you must, to Evan, so we can see them separate from their Defenders with their speed.

We'll still probably have a Top 5 pick next year, or so it would seem, but at least we'll have a better sense of who is worth keeping and building around next year. That's my "Week 3, but trying no to over-react" take on things, anyway.

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