Time to blow it up

I am so tired of this crap each and every week. This team does not have heart and it shows each and every game. They are not disciplined in execution, nor do they have intestinal fortitude to overcome adversity during a game. They have little to no accountability for their poor play and you can't bench anyone because the back ups suck even more than the starters do. I said if we lost to Atlanta it was time to blow it all up and that time has come. Getty and Garrett should be fired this week and Kitchens should be handed the interim OC job. Even with the injuries during yesterday's game you have Golladay, Toney, Johnson, and Board at WR and Barkley in the backfield. They still couldn't score more than 14 points? UNACCEPTABLE!!!! This farce has gone on too long with Garrett and I don't care if he wins 10 SB's in a row he is not working out with this team. It is the same plodding plays each week, playing too conservative, and in my mind playing scared. The defense isn't the same as last year and you cannot count on them to hold a lead.

To replace Getty, I bring in the best available Interim GM on the market....Bill Parcells. Sure there are other names available but Bill knows football and I trust his judgement on rebuilding a team from the ground up. I am not handing the reigns to someone who has been here during this era of ineptitude. It also allows me to let him pick his successor so I ensure I get a quality GM and there is no shortage of full time GM candidates available in the offseason to chooses from. Judge has the rest of this year to prove he belongs but I am leaning towards firing him at this point. My first call is to Bienemy and I give him full control to bring in who he wants as coaches. I try and keep Graham as I think the defense has been ok and can improve by seasons end.

Traded players by years end- Engram; Hernandez; Barkley; Golladay; L. Williams; Carter; Solder; Shepard; and a couple of CB's. I'd also consider offers for any other player on our roster that is fair. I am not wedded to keeping anyone but the last draft class at this point and DJ. That should net us some excellent 2nd-5th round draft picks that we can use to really start rebuilding this team to go with our picks next year. If I have to eat a big cap hit next year so be it but I would have non performers on the team.

The definition of dismal is- depressing; dreary as an adjective and pitifully or disgracefully bad- informally. I thinks this fits the state of the Giants perfectly in 2021. I think it sums it up perfectly and I know it fits my thoughts of the team at this point.

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