Is The Season Over....?

Well My fellow Die Hard Giants fans... we are currently 0-3. I believe any given sunday anyone can beat but with the NY Football Giants. I dont see how this team pulls out a win with this coaching staff and roster with the following opponenets upcoming in the next month. This Football Team is really shooting for a new low. Its realistic to say this team can be 0-10 before it wins its 1st game..... if that occurs what do you giants fans feel need to be done? I believe if the NY Football Giants want to field a competetive roster next season. The following decisions have to be made

1. Fire Gettleman Now

2. The Next Gm need complete control of the roster. Allow this hire to clean house from top to bottom. Every hire needs to have zero ties to NYG previously.

3. Fix the Offensive Line at all cost this should be number one priority.

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