Jones and the Giant Non-Catch

A microcosm of what's still happening.

Daniel never even glanced at any other receiver, as far as I could tell, and still was at least one or two beats slow pulling the trigger after the DB overcommitted. Slayton ran about ten yards, then had to worry about room to make the catch. There was no longer room to give the throw a little more air.

Had Jones been scanning the field he would have known how early the safety rotated away. It happened too soon to tell without the all 22 clip, but likely leading Darius toward the center of the field would have made for an easy pitch and catch.

The pass pro is improving, in part because of the high number of checkdowns. Teams are flooding the short zones, and Daniel only has a level of trust with Shep. Until there's a running game or a bit more effective field stretching it will be Fangio's Broncos defense every groundhog Sunday.

538 had an interesting article tracking receiver separation for 2017 - 2019. Quick points: play action passing helps all receivers, short routes give room because they are low value routes, top receivers getting double teamed are still effective and not every receiver who gets separation uses it well.

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