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Giants’ DC Patrick Graham: “I’ve gotta do a better job”

Graham, as expected, says getting better play from the defense is his responsibility

New York Giants v Washington Football Team Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

New York Giants defensive coordinator Patrick Graham has a self-deprecating style. Thus, it was no surprise on Thursday that Graham pinned the responsibility for the Giants’ sub-par defensive efforts over the two weeks on himself.

“I’m frustrated with myself more than anything,” Graham said. “Obviously I’ve gotta do a better job.”

Graham said “the only way I know how to attack it” is to go back to practice and continue to work.

“As we move forward obviously it’s about execution. Whether it’s the right call from me as the coordinator, however we’re supposed to play the call,” Graham said.

“What I can tell you is this. All I know is go out there in practice go through the meetings, learn from the tape. Thankfully we’ve got a whole bunch more opportunities.”

Graham added that “we’ve gotta do better.”

“That’s why I love this challenge, this job. Every day is different, every week is different,” Graham said. “It starts with me. That’s never going to change.”

Whatever the struggles are, and Nick Falato detailed some of them, Graham said it’s on him,

“These guys, they work they butts off out there on the field, they work their butts off in the stadium. The key is for me to get it right first, get it coached right, get ‘em in the right spots. That’s my job.”