I'm Okay with the Interior Now go Sign an OT

With the 2 Centers, Price and Skura, I'm pretty sure that that position will be fine. The fact that Skura can also play OG, the play of Bredeson and the fact that they are at least attempting to cross train Peart at OG makes me comfortable with the Interior. Now Go Sign another OT. In order of my personal preference I would target the following. Rick Wagner, He's the best out there and I believe that if need be, he is a plug and Play Well Guy. If he's finally healthy I would next look at D.J. Fluker 30 years old, former Roll Tide guy and a former Giant. The guy is a flat out people mover who never should have been allowed to leave. If healthy, he's a Beast. Finally and somewhat begrudgingly, Mitchell Schwartz. Even though he can certainly play at a Very High Level when healthy, he has a bad back, like his brother did and could end up disappointing, like his brother did

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