BBV pick em week 3….. that rug really tied the room together

Very little preamble this week. Especially since my week sucked so bad. I had the low score with 7. Top score of the week was 13 for j-man, face, and (12) for Z.

20 - j-man13
19 - win 11, face 13, facts 11,
18 - Brady 10, rabbit 10, Clay 11, PP 10, ST 11, npt 10,
17 - Kölner 9, pj 7, tdj 10, stef 9, afan 9, Z 13,
16 - Tark 9, GF70 10,
15 - Dimes 10, LTL 9, Rock 9, Pugs 11, Doc 10,
14 - AG 7, RGV 10, OT10 10,
13 - Salsa 9 (u cant make this sh!+ up)


Week 3;

Panthers at Texans (th)
WFT at Bills
Bears at Browns
Ravens at Lions
Colts at Titans
Chargers at Chiefs
Saints at Pats
Falcons at Giants
Bengals at Steelers
Cardinals at Jags
Jets at Broncos
Phins at Raiders
Buccs at Rams
Seahawks at Vikings
Packers at 49ers
Eagles at Cowboys (M)

As usual, check your scores, get your picks in, and have a good week. I'm off for the rest of the week going on a hike. So lodge your complaints and other nonsense and I'll get tot them next week. And yes Sam, yes I do.



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