The World is Not Coming to an End, We now simply have a 15 game Season

I've been watching and listening to all the crying complaining and observations from experts (Real and Imagined) and after watching the first 2 games, as one who came in to this season with high hopes for early success, I can't help but being deflated and yet still encouraged. Sure the DEFENSE has played unexpectedly small, more like a defense. But, they'll get that straightened out. There's too much talent for them to continue down this road like a bunch of witless fools. They need to bring some pressure, they need to tighten up the coverage and I'd like to see a whole lot more of Carter Coughlin covering Tight Ends.

Anyone who still questions Daniel Jones talent, ability and readiness to lead, must just be set on pulling against the kid. Given any kind of support, he'll be just fine. Any guy who can throw the ball the way he does and still has the ability to keep defenses off guard with his ability to run, be it on designed plays or simply by pulling it down and taking off when things go bad around him has to be accounted for. He may not be there just yet, but the lights are coming on and he's quickly gaining on where he needs to be to shut the doubters up.

Golladay and Toney are upset and they should be. They know what they can do and they simply want the chance to earn their money. Maybe Toney should have thought about what might happen when he was skipping camp and missing the reps he needs to be a part of the offense. He'll get there, but he should have known better. As far as Golladay goes, he too will be fine, but it wouldn't hurt him or the Giants one bit if he'd start getting some separation and making the contested catches that he was brought in to make. When the Giants had the ball at the twenty with the chance to close out the game, Golladay was the guy they brought in to be the Big Target and make the tough catch in the Red Zone. Throw him the Damned Ball. On another front, when Engram returns, presumably next week he should be fine and will add a different kind of option for the offense but until such time, Rudolph and Smith will be fine!

The loss of Gates is Bad, but certainly not the end of the world. I feel a lot better with a Pro like Price at Center and a proven starter like Skura available as a backup or to be inserted at Guard if that is what it takes to stabilize the O-Line. I wouldn't be upset if they were able to find a starter capable OT to take Gates spot on the roster. He was after all an option and the emergency 4th choice there Once they get that together and now that Saquon seems to be getting some confidence in the knee, seeing what develops in front of him, I believe the running game, particularly with the continued use of Penny, just might really spark and diversify the Offense to avg. at least 27 points per game. They Have The Tools, the Parts To Make This Happen!

So guys, Yes, they now face a 15 game season. If they are smart, work hard and get even a little bit of luck along the way things come together. Yes there will always be some unfortunate or even outright bad calls made against them. (Dex never moved until the Centers hand did and he never actually crossed the line) but calls are calls good or bad and every team needs to live with that. So 10 and 5 from here gets them to a record of 10 and 7 and that number of wins rarely misses the playoffs.

Have a good one guys, stay safe, keep the faith and as always Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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