How long ago was it arranged, ....Hmmmmmmmmm?

Here is something I actually wondered about the year before DANIEL JONES was drafted by the Giants. It might help a few of you that are still shocked by Thurs. game. (A little distraction perhaps)

Actually a post by AnaeCruz last week reminded me of it. He was talking about the Giants and the Mannings connection with the QB whisperer who was coaching/developing DJ at DUKE. (Cutcliff?) He was speculating how they worked together to get Mara on board to pick him at #6

I had heard enough of the chatter about the Giants interest in DJ THE YEAR BEFORE that draft to make me wonder this... How would NY get DJ if they didn't have a high draft pick

Did the Mannings, ...Cutcliff and others arrange for DJ to be "stashed away" ....hidden at Duke so he flies under the radar? That way "in theory" the Giants could grab a QB that led a lousy Duke football team to .......NOWHERE. Thus enabling NY GIANTS to get DJ without a high draft pick!

Consider these things:

1. Duke has little or no in season TV exposure.

2. Duke gets No Bowl games (?) And no history of being good.

3. Why would any very good High School prospect choose ....Duke?

4.Why was Cutcliff mentoring at .....DUKE? ...if he was so highly regarded? Was he there BEFORE DJ committed, or after DJ committed?

5. Was DJ highly ranked coming out of High School? Did he have offers from real football colleges? ...But still chose Duke?

6. Remember how Archie Manning was so "involved" and worried about what team drafted Eli? They wanted what they wanted, ...and got it.

Remember, ...I don't know the answers to those questions, ....But it's what I was wondering in DJ's senior year.

I just know BBV posters will know the answers to my questions! But what a freakin' conspiratorial mind I have! I very likely may need professional help .... Beorn, ....aka, Mulder!

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