The Woe of the Giants Fan

"I've said it before and will say it again. Writing about a winning team is a million times easier and more pleasant."

- Sports Illustrated's Patricia Traina to me on Twitter after last night's loss to WFT

What I hate the most is that I've been conditioned to come up with excuses for each mistake and each loss

Sure we had to settle for a field goal when Daniel Jones ran in for a touchdown, but the refs made a terrible holding call that even Joe Buck didn't agree with against CJ Board who has been praised for his run blocking as a WR all offseason

Sure Darius Slayton dropped the game-sealing wide-open TD and we had to settle for another FG, but that's an incredibly difficult fingertip catch for Slayton to make and Jones threw it with pressure in his face so it was just unlucky and nobody's fault

Sure Dexter Lawrence jumped offsides during a game-ending FG attempt that lost us the game, but at least he has a high-motor and is trying to make a play for the team by blocking the FG at the end of the game

Sure the 3 plays called after the interception let the WFT back in the game to beat us and we had to settle for yet another FG, but we'd be begging to establish the run all game and our red zone passing is historically terrible the last 2 years and if we get one first down while running, we seal the game.

Sure after calling a first half timeout and still somehow coming back out to a delay of game AND false start....nope...don't have any excuse for that one.

I have been conditioned to accept losing

I have defended every Gettleman decision, every Judge decision, every draft pick & every free agency move. Not because I'm a homer, I dig through analytics until I find the upside and convince myself that we can compete.

But I'm tired. I'm just so tired.

I just keep coming back to Judge insisting that they are going to put a team on the field that this city could be proud of. I love football. Football brings me joy. But as I found myself in the midst of a relocation last week, I came across my bin of sports memorabilia. My signed Lawrence Taylor framed photo. My signed Phil Simms jersey. My signed Tiki Barber rookie card. My signed Joe Morris hat. My Jeremy Shockey jersey. VHS tapes of the '86 and '90 Giants seasons. My hard cover Sports Illustrated from the '07 season. My newspaper clippings from the '07 and '11 seasons.

It all came rushing back. I remember what it felt like to be proud of the team that was on the field. And it has been far, far too long.

I try to replace the joy from results on the field with diving deeper into the team - knowing every Giants beat writer, every snap count, every PFF grade, and every scouting report. And yet the on-field performance of this team still manages to rob me of the joy.

I won't ever bash the team to fire Garrett or Judge or Gettleman or insist Mara sell the team. And I know for a fact that the most frustrating part about watching them last night is that they showed me enough that this team will actually start to gel mid-season and get some wins and be mediocre enough to give people 'hope'. But the wins have begun to fill my glass of joy far less than the losses remove from it. I'm just tired.

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