Who knows what's in store?

A year ago, as we started the 2020 season, we were all worried that our Defense was gonna be the problem. They'd just come off a terrible year--30th in pts allowed in 2019, while our rookie QB, DJ, had put up some really solid numbers--other than the turnovers, of course. Saquon had missed a few games, but had still run for over a thou, and Engram looked like he'd finally gotten past the dropsies and the injuries. Slayton looked like a 5th Round steal, and Shep & Tate seemed like a decent enough combo. There was an article last year that said that we had the fastest skill-position players in the entire NFL! That can't be a bad thing, right? And we'd just drafted a LT with the 4th overall pick who most people thought would be at least solid if not very good, because of how well he'd played, at LT, for a top college program for years. And we'd drafted two more O-linemen by the end of Round 5. It finally looked like we were headed somewhere, Offensively. Now if only our Defense could keep games close...

But that's not how it played out at all, was it? Our 2020 Offense was, well, offensive! We were 31st in the league in scoring. And our Defense suddenly became our strength! We finished 9th in the league in points allowed in 2020!

Fast forward a year, and now, as this season started, we saw our Defense as the semi-elite unit, and the concerns were with the Offense, which was ranked 31st last year. Well, we've only played one game, albeit a bad one all around. But I'm going to try to keep my emotions in check--at least for a few more games. There's still 16 games left--a full season in any year before this one. Maybe there will be some pleasant surprises coming down the pike. Maybe the Offense isn't going to be as bad as last year's and the Defense isn't going to be as good as last year's. But maybe we can still compete for the division title if both units (& Special Teams) can operate somewhere in the middle of the pack. It's not like we're in the NFC West (which I still say Arizona is going to win, btw.) 9 or 10 wins could do it, and that's not out of the realm of possibility, no matter what we do tomorrow...

Brakes, pumped...for now!

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