Past Defense, Present Giants & Broncos, Future Giants

Both teams had similar problems in 2020, lacking a CB and a pass rush, with the Broncos feeling the pain a bit worse. Both teams went after a FA corner, the Giants for edge help and the Broncos edge health.

First results: The Broncos didn't need to pack the box to stop the run, didn't blitz much and left Daniel Jones not finding targets in short zones. The Giants didn't match up well in man-to-man early, settled back into a zone later and didn't generate much pressure. Teddy had as good a game as he could play. The unanswered question, was Teddy good because he went through his progressions and Daniel off when he didn't? Without breaking down the all 22 film it's hard to say for sure.

The Broncos are third in the league for DB spending @ $41 M, the Giants sixth @ $40 M. Right now the 2022 amounts projected are $44 M for the Broncos, $56 M (Yikes!) for the Giants. Fuller will be a FA and quite possibly Peppers. The Giants restructured Bradberry and Ryan, back end loaded Adoree's contract to create that bubble.

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