The worst part is just like last year just flat out bad and BORING !

I’m a giants fan for 50 years but I’ve really reached the end of my line here !Why did Gettlemen get to come back to a job he’s awful at ,he builds team like it’s 1982 nfl football time has passed you by ,be gone please ! Judge acts like Belicheat but the thing is when you never won anything or head coached at any level this approach will wear off quickly ( running laps at this level please) be gone please ! Garret are f**king kidding me he calls games like it’s against the law to throw a ball to the end zone as soon as we’re in the red zone it’s dink and dunk time horrible head coach horrible play caller be gone already ! Jones Barkley Thomas toney solider baker ( don’t even get me started on that trade down ) please you all need to go ! Just start over with a GM under 45 years old with vision because right now we are the new J-e-t-s or the Browns of the league a LAUGHINGSTOCK!,,,,,,,,

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