BBV pick em week 2…I’m having an old friend for dinner.

And so the Giants open up like flaming garbage and the scores mirror that. Not a single score in double figures. High score of the week to new comers Micgiants and Beorn with 9. Lots of 8s, some 7s, 6s and a 5 for Doc and Dimes. Their low score reminds me of the other rule which I always forget to put in week 1's ditty -€” If you miss a round you get the low score minus 1. Also, as per last season, I have taken the liberty of shortening your handles to suit myself. This important feature saves me vital keystroke milliseconds.


9 -€” mic, Beorn

8 -€” Brady, Rabbit, Facts, Kölner, pj, PP, stef, win, npt, afan,

7 -€” Tark, Clay, j-man, ST, sab, tdj, AG,

6 -€” GF70, Face, LTL, Rock,

5 -€” Doc, Dimes

4 (didn't put their scores in) -€” RGV, OT10, salsa, Z

Check your scores. Seriously newcomers, check your scores. Those experienced in this comp, know me well enough to know that checking your scores is imperative. The effort put into my scoring is relative to the amount I get paid for this.

Week 2

Giants at WFT (Th)
Bills at Phins
Bengals at Bears
Broncos at Jags
Texans at Browns
Rams at Colts
Raiders at Steelers
Pats at Jets
Saints at Panthers
49ers at Eagles
Falcons at Buccs
Vikings at Cardinals
Cowboys at Chargers
Titans at Seahawks
Chiefs at Ravens
Lions at Packers (M)

As usual, check your scores, get your picks in, and have a good week.



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