OK, ....DJ and Giants have till HALLOWEEN! ...then the pretending ends!

Ok! Now will anyone listen to me?

First, let's stop the talk about Cam Newton, or any other "qb solution!" Why? Because DJ needs to answer with no uncertainty what he is. If he shows no BIG improvement, even if the players around him don't , ...then we have better draft position. But we HAVE TO know if he can lift this team or not! I'M not advocating playing to lose either, just for better draft picks...NO! Play to win and let's see he's our QB or NOT! least through October. By then we should know. Getting any other QB now will just muddle things. For what? Win an extra game or 3? And then we still don't know for sure about DJ if he doesn't play.

Now is the time I believe to say bye bye to Garrett. Do not bring in a new OC. Use Kitchens so we're not changing too much of the offense on DJ. ....But open it up,...We all know the play calling is too cautious and predictable. Let it too to see what he can do!

Does anybody remember my posts about the Leo Williams contract, ...even AFTER his 12 sack season? I mean I was brutal in my assessment of him and management for allowing him to blackmail us. Before and after he signed! And I don't want to hear any carp about it unless you go find my posts and read why ....

Well after that and other big money spent ..... while ignoring the OL (for which me and Deli guy, and others were mocked for wanting Slater..... Or any OL in the draft) .... I say if by the end of October if DJ has not TOLD US he's our qb and the wins have not come, almost everyone is expendable for cap reduction purposes and draft assets!

Leo Williams! Bye! The main thing is get rid of the contract! ....if any team will take him. If he's playing well, and since Gints have already choked on the up front money (making the contract less gross!) ...maybe we get a 2nd round pick in 2022? ....or 1st in 2023 or 2024? 2 third round in 2022? Whatever.....

Shephard? ....reward him! He's been a good Giant! If he wants to go to another team that has playoff realities, see what we can get for him. If he WANTS to say a Giant and is ok going through what's coming, keep him and he will be worth the restructure he just got that guy!

Is anybody else a keeper? I'm listening. Yes, there might be a few.... But I'm looking for draft assets.... and not just third day picks! I'm thinking 1st and 2nd round picks ...or 3rd round! and if I I can't get them for 2022 draft, then 2023 is better than lower picks in 2022! Hell, I if I have to go to 2024, I'd consider it. It seems 2022 is not the year to need a QB anyway, so draft 3 OL in 2022 and one every year after. So we lose a few more games in 2022 as the young OL develops (I'm assuming we have 2 already, ...Thomas and Gates?) AND were still drafting top10 as we dumped high cap players AND others in 2021. AND THEN we get our QB with all the draft assets in 2023!

Look, ...I need a vision! Not another "plug the holes in the dyke" panic plan by current GM. he should go...

And JUDGE? That's hard to answer not knowing how much input he had in big $$ contracts ie: Williams Golliday and Jackson. .....But especially did he think the OL was not worth addressing? But the "MARA" syndrome makes it even harder to decide. He hired a GM and a HC in alternate seasons going back to MacAdoodle! Now if he fired Gettleman, does he make a new GM keep Judge, ....or...? Oh what a tangled web Mara weaves!

It's 2 a.m. here for me. I think I'll clean MY house now

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