Better in some ways, but the magical OC is ...

the worst!

Most teams have a jet sweep and gadgets they run of it.....still nothing interesting from Garret? I thought it was pure sacrilege to hire a Cowboy head coach to be the OC even though coaches are exchanged all the time; in your division though! - and after all the abuse Eli dealt Dallas for 10 years! - Garret must have really disliked the Giants...but, you know, being a fan is an emotive experience, so having Garret show up was bizarre experience in my dog house - I'm supposed to like the guy? Giant fans have survived Gilbride's play calling.. it brought 2 Superbowls under Coughlin and on 1st and 2nd down the ball was run into the line probably 90% of the time. Ah, but there was team and a figure head as coach who would take no shite. This one Mara move away from Coughlin started this whole downward trend.

With this team there is no sense of where it is going (probably because they they only know how to lose). Jones fumble today was the tenor. If they had scored on that drive, everything would look different. We have a defence defending and the O-line was not letting an immediate attacker negate a play before it started today, as well. Saquon is still a mystery -I am grateful he survived the game ( I predicted he would last 3 games as AP is the only rb I know that survived a torn acl and returned to be a demon) -he will need a couple games to get his rhythm back, but you could feel the difference of his presence in the line up....this offence could roll, ....but where is the dropped with the ball Jones was carrying.

I hope they can pick it for Thursday

I hope we see more motion on Thursday - we can take Washington! If it tanks - Garrett must be tossed!!!

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