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Best away matchup for Giants fans to travel to in 2021

Dallas? Miami? Chicago in January? Which away game would you most like to see this season?

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What is the best away matchup for New York Giants fans to travel to this season?

Unless you’re someone like the Giants super fan known as ‘License Plate Guy’ heading to an away game to support your team is a special event. If you are local to the New York/New Jersey area it also involves a road trip you need to plan for, and want to make the most of.

Let’s take a look at the away schedule and figure out how you might be able to do that.

Week 2 at Washington Football Team (9/16) — Huge game for the Giants, obviously, since it is in the division. Still, it is a Thursday night game and maybe not the most alluring to travel to. Unless you want to skip work/school on Friday and make a Washington, D.C. weekend of it.

The nation’s capital in September is a great place to visit. You likely know all the main spots, but here is a guide to some lesser-known spots and facts about D.C.

Week 4 at New Orleans Saints (10/3) — A trip to New Orleans sounds cool. I have never actually been there. Unfortunately, the impact of Hurricane Ida means this game may need to be moved. Maybe it winds up in New Jersey. Maybe it winds up in Texas, which has been reported as a possibility. That could be good for the Giants, because the Superdome is not an easy place to play. It might not be good for your travel plans. Might want to skip this one with the uncertainty.

Week 5 at Dallas Cowboys (10/10) — It’s the Jerry-Dome. Might be a great place, but sitting in the seats there might make me feel dirty. I couldn’t recommend a trip there. On the flip side, there are always a ton of Dallas fans at MetLife Stadium to see Cowboys at Giants. It would be nice to see a healthy contingent of Giants fans in Arlington.

Week 8 at Kansas City Chiefs (11/1) — Kansas City might be a nice place, but the Giants might get destroyed in this one. Arrowhead Stadium is probably one of those “bucket list” places for an NFL fan. Still, I’m not optimistic that this will be a fun game to watch. Might want to hold off on checking a trip to Arrowhead off your bucket list until Patrick Mahomes eventually retires.

Week 11 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11/22) — Tampa in late November? Sounds good. This, though, is a Monday night game and unless you are planning a Florida vacation probably not the best trip. Of course, Florida weather and a couple of days away from work ... you could talk me into that.

Week 13 at Miami Dolphins (12/5) — THIS IS THE ONE! A trip to Florida in the first week of December? Sign me up for that! Warm weather. A winnable game. Take a few days off and bask in the sun? I’m down. This is actually the extra game that was added to the schedule when the NFL increased the regular season to 17 games — a perfect excuse to hop on a plane and take it in live.

Week 14 at Los Angeles Chargers (12/12) — Can’t make the Miami trip? This one’ll do. You get to watch Justin Herbert, and take in some California sunshine.

Week 16 at Philadelphia Eagles (12/26) — Philly? The day after Christmas? Distance-wise, it’s an easy trip from the New Jersey area. Watching Eagles fans suffer if the Giants win would definitely be enjoyable. Still, ! I have been to Lincoln Financial Field once, and it’s really not a pleasant experience if you are not rooting for the Eagles, or in some cases, if you’re dressed like Santa Claus, a real possibility for this day-after-Christmas matchup. Besides, it’s Philly. If you are planning just one trip for your football season, you can do better.

Week 17 at Chicago Bears (1/2) — Chicago? The first week in January? Sorry, not for me. Check with me if the Giants get this matchup in September in years to come, but Soldier Field in January is a little too frosty for my tastes.

Which away game would you most like to hit up this season? Share your ideas in the comments.