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Studying Daniel Jones vs. New England

The good...and the bad

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Our fearless leader Ed Valentine asked me this morning what I thought of Daniel Jones’ performance against the New England Patriots.

In a word, I told him, it was pretty “meh.”

There were some good things from Jones, to be sure. There were moments when he executed the offense well, threw with timing, rhythm and anticipation even from crowded pockets, and turned third-down situations into first downs thanks to those various traits. He showed the ability to decipher some of Bill Belichick’s coverage rotations, and put his receivers in position to succeed both at the catch point, and after the reception.

After all, yardage after the catch is a quarterback stat.

But yet...there were two mistakes that stood out. One an interception in the end zone and another near-interception that brought together a few different mistakes into a very close call for the Giants’ offense.

So, let’s dive into Daniel Jones against the Patriots. Both the good...and the bad.