New York Giants-Cleveland Browns Practice Ends In Fist Fight

On Friday afternoon, there were a few teams left in practice, but Kevin Stefanski and Joe Judge had enough of it already. The New York Giants and Cleveland Browns were getting more energetic as time goes on and considering it was a hot day, the head coaches have to halt the joint practice and saw their teams in separate large group huddles.

Speaking to the media, Stefanski said via best online casino usa : "Just wanted to make sure we finished it strong and finished it smart. Joe did the same thing with his team. The guys get it. It was hotter today.

"Obviously, down in the red zone, there is condensed space so the intensity was raised. That is OK. It is football. It is a physical game and it is an emotional game, But I was pleased with how the guys kept that in check."

The completion of the practice in the afternoon saw harsh words being exchanged between Giants receiver Sterling Shepard and Browns Cornerback Troy Hill before the duo went on to exchanged few punches. They were separated, with Giants receiver John Ross lifting Shepard up to move him away from Hill.

Hill was able to drive his shoulder right into Shepard after a reception on the right side. This saw Shepard spun away, finished the play before returning to get in Hill's face and headbutting him with his helmet on and jogged off.

Shepard didn't talk about his altercation with Hill. Instead, he talked about the competition, he said via real money online casino sa: "Friendly competition. That’s what we came out here for. It’s competition, It’s gonna get into a talking match, it’s gonna get physical out there, this is football. This is what we do. They understand that on their side, we understand that over here."

Troy Hill and Sterling Shepard were separated for the Giants-Browns practice earlier this week.

Defensive lineman Leonard Williams said: "I think [Thursday], speaking for myself personally, but also just the feel of practice, it felt like people were kind of feeling each other out, feeling out the scheme — it felt like it was almost like the first day of pads in camp, just because it was our first time going against different competition."

"And then today, I felt like we were flying around a little bit more, a little more sure of what type of reads I’m gonna get, what type of looks I’m getting, and it allowed me to play a little faster."

Following the second week of training, quarterback Daniel Jones said: "Coach Judge had clear instructions from the get-go and wanted to make sure we played hard but kept it between the whistles and I thought we did that."

"We kind of got a feel for it [Thursday] but we really didn’t have that juice that we had today," Shepard added. "That’s what it’s all about. That’s why we came down here, to get good work. I felt that’s what we got."

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