Some Names You Might Want to Be Aware Of

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Dunn
Blake Hance
Drew Forbes
Colby Gossett
Cordel Iwuagwu

Who are these guys? They are all backup Gs on the Cleveland Browns roster. The Browns currently have 16 OLs on their depth chart. They will only be able to keep 8 or 9 for the regular season on their 53. The rest will have to be exposed to waivers, unless they are traded. Their starting 5 of Conklin, Teller, Tretter, Bitonio, Wills, maybe the best in the NFL, is set.

You may have noticed that the Giants are not exactly deep at the G position. We will be practicing against the Browns this week and then playing them. It's possible only one of their backups makes the Browns' 53, maybe 2.

At OT, the depth chart below the starters is

James Hudson III
Chris Hubbard
Alex Taylor
Greg Senat

Hudson is a 2021 round 4 pick, unlikely he's going anywhere.

At C the depth chart is

Nick Harris
Javon Patterson

Harris was a 2020 round 5 draft pick, probably he is not going anywhere either.

That's 11 backup OLs for probably 3-4 spots on the 53, 9 if you exclude the two recent draft picks. Here is a story about the Browns' OL depth and the numbers problem it causes:

Keep an eye out. Would a 7th round pick pry one loose?

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