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Giants’ QB Daniel Jones says expectations are “healthy”

Jones gets ready to start third season

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The New York Giants did everything they could this offseason to help quarterback Daniel Jones as he enters a critical third season. There are high hopes, high expectations, high stakes for Jones and the Giants entering Year 3 of the Jones era.

Does Jones feel that pressure?

On Tuesday, the day veteran players reported for training camp, Jones acknowledged the expectations.

“I think at this level and in this job, we’re all expected to perform and play at a high level every day, and that starts today,” Jones said. “I certainly feel that. I think everyone on the team does and I think that’s healthy, I think that’s the way it should be and I know we’re excited for the opportunity.”

Jones will be with head coach Joe Judge and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett for a second season. He knows there is value in that.

“I think it’s valuable for all of us. I think it’s the second year in the system under Coach Garrett and Coach Judge. A lot of us are back and, like I said, have developed chemistry and know how to communicate with one another, but kind of the same theme, to start over and take it day by day, to start with step one and make sure we’re going about it the right way,” Jones said. “We’ve got several new guys and had some time to get to know them during the spring and in the summer and we’ll continue to go from there, but definitely helps to be back with Coach Garrett, Coach Judge and a lot of the same guys.”

Jones, echoing Judge, said that despite the familiarity there is an element of starting over.

“Start at step one, basic install, basic information and go from there. At this point, we don’t want to overlook anything, don’t want to assume anything and take every step one by one, and make sure we’re building this thing the right way,” Jones said. “So that’s kind of my focus going in. I think it’s definitely nice to come in knowing a lot of these guys and having built a lot of chemistry with these guys whether it’s from last season, the season before, this spring or the summer, so certainly continue to build on that stuff. But in terms of today and this camp, we’re starting from step one.”