I thought we were finished with this, but billy and his bunch can't give up the LIE!

I'm the guy who, "Wrote This," Billy and I don't care how badly you want to believe the drivel that came from your now and hopefully forever gone dear leader, Hydroxicloroquine and UV RAYS ARE NOT ACCEPTED TREATMENTS FOR COVID. While UV RAYS can be used for external disinfectants and nothing more, Hydroxy has proven to be Utterly USELESS! But just in case we have a Malaria outbreak, thanks to your guy we now have Sixty Three Million Doses sitting around which will probably never be used and ultimately destroyed.

As for the Heart Issues that you mention: Yes there have been a few but they are generally very brief and very mild. Instead of spouting nonsense from trash sites like fox or oan and bashing the legitimate press, you know the ones that Stupid refers to as Fake News, why not try taking in a little reality. Try Science and Performance instead of grievance and ,fantasy. In fact billy, unless you're afraid of making a fool of yourself when you're not anonymous on line, why don't you call your Doctor, tell the Doc that you think you have Covid-19 and ask him if it would be a good idea or if he would want to prescribe some Hydroxy and a little Uv light to clear things up.

Once you've done that and after the Doc finishes telling you that you've got to wake up, start taking this thing seriously and acting like an adult, maybe you'd like to come back and enlighten us about how your craziness was received. We're all in thing together pal and no intelligent responsible individual wants a mouth breathing denier like you acting like a fool and thereby helping to keep this horrible curse going any longer than it has to. Finally billy, isn't it a disgrace the way those evil Libs are persecuting the true patriots who on Jan 6th were no worse than any other daily tourists who peacefully walk around the halls of congress smashing things and injuring people. Get some Help Billy!

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