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The Chris and Joe Show - Previewing the Dallas Cowboys

Taking a look at the Giants’ arch nemesis

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

As we move through the New York Giants 2021 opponents we come to the team that finished third in the NFC East in 2020.

The Dallas Cowboys entered the season with sky-high expectations — as per usual — thanks to their incredibly talented offense. However, Dallas (also as usual) suffered a disappointing collapse, in part motivated by the injury to QB Dak Prescott. With Prescott back healthy and an infusion of talent into their defense, what are the expectations for Dallas heading into 2021?

In this podcast

  • How has Dallas improved over the off-season?
  • What has Dallas lost since 2020?
  • What are our expectations for the Cowboys in 2021?

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