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Ex-Giant Amani Toomer not sure what Giants have in Daniel Jones

Toomer — limiting turnovers will determine QB’s fate

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Amani Toomer, the New York Giants’ all-time leader in receiving yards, played with Eli Manning as he grew from unsure rookie into Super Bowl champion quarterback.

Appearing on the 1 Star Recruits podcast, Toomer recently said “I don’t know” when asked what the Giants had in third-year quarterback Daniel Jones.

“My fear for Daniel Jones, there’s so many good things that he does do in terms of making decisions downfield and all that stuff,” Toomer said. “But in terms of the one thing that is every quarterback and running back’s Achilles heel is that if you turn the ball over you’re not long for this league, and he’s turned the ball over at an incredible rate.”

Jones has thrown 22 interceptions and fumbled 29 times in just 27 career games.

“Unless he can figure out a way to take care of the football we’re never going to know how good he is because he’s going to be out of here, he’s gonna be on the next thing smokin’ as soon as possible if he can’t control - I mean, some of the turnovers are people just ripping the ball out of his hands...that’s just unacceptable,” Toomer said.

Toomer did not sound as excited as one might have anticipated regarding the Giants’ offseason upgrades at wide receiver.

“You look at [Kadarius] Toney, some of the stuff he’s done down at Florida, you’re excited. You look at [Darius] Slayton, some of the stuff he’s done in the NFL, you’re excited. [Kenny] Golladay as well,” Toomer said.

“Golladay was out last year for a lot of games with a mysterious injury. That’s not going to work in New York. Slayton disappeared last year often for a lot of times, and Toney’s a rookie.

“[Sterling] Shepard — my dad always says he’s hell when he’s well. He’s just sick all the time. This dude is out for all kinds of reasons. I don’t understand how you can be out of the game that long and not expect them to draft somebody to take your place, because that’s exactly what they did.”