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Las Vegas oddsmakers favor New York Giants in only 5 of 17 games

Optimism about revamped Giants apparently not shared by Las Vegas

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

If oddsmakers from Westgate Superbook are correct, the 2021 season could be a long one for the New York Giants. In just-released long-range week-by-week odds, SuperBook has the Giants favored in just five of 17 games.

Week 1 — Giants (+1) vs. Denver Broncos
Week 2 — Giants (+3) at Washington
Week 3 — Giants (-2.5) vs. Atlanta Falcons
Week 4 — Giants (+5.5) at New Orleans Saints
Week 5 — Giants (+5.5) at Dallas Cowboys
Week 6 — Giants (+3.5) at Los Angeles Rams
Week 7 — Giants (-3) vs. Carolina Panthers
Week 8 — Giants (+10) at Kansas City Chiefs
Week 9 — Giants (-1.5) vs. Las Vegas Raiders
Week 10 — Bye
Week 11 — Giants (+10) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Week 12 — Giants (-3) vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Week 13 — Giants (+3.5) at Miami Dolphins
Week 14 — Giants (+6) at Los Angeles Chargers
Week 15 — Giants (+1) vs. Cowboys
Week 16 — Giants (+1.5) at Eagles
Week 17 — Giants (+2) at Chicago Bears
Week 18 — Giants (-1.5) vs. Washington

Reality is, these long-range odds are completely meaningless. Still, it is noteworthy low little faith oddsmakers have in the Giants despite the team’s offseason talent infusion. When you have gone 18-46 over a four-year stretch, though, I guess it’s hard to criticize oddsmakers for making you want to prove you actually are better.

The biggest head-scratcher for me, and I have seen similar odds elsewhere, is Denver favored to beat the Giants at MetLife Stadium in the season opener. Last time I checked, Arron Rodgers was still in Green Bay, the Broncos went 5-11 last season and the Giants had a productive offseason. Right now, I would say that’s a game the Giants should win.

I’m also wondering if the Giants will still be considered home underdogs to the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears once we get to that part of the season.

Thoughts, Giants fans?