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Big Blue View Podcast - Reacting to the Giants’ 2021 schedule

Will the Giants’ schedule help, or hurt, them in 2021?

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Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The NFL released its 2021 schedule on Wednesday, and we finally know when the New York Giants will be playing each of their opponents.

As in every year, we can’t help but speculate about how the schedule will impact the Giants season, and whether it will help or hurt them in their pursuit of the playoffs.

This year will be different from every other one we’ve seen as it will be 17 games long. But what else stands out about this year’s schedule? Nick, Joe, and I offer our initial reactions to the Giants’ 2021 schedule.

In this podcast

  • What are our general takeaways from the schedule overall?
  • Which game could have the biggest impact on the season?
  • Which game do we think could have sneaky importance for the Giants season?
  • What stands out as being in favor for the Giants?
  • What could be the biggest obstacles for the Giants?

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