First 2022 Mock!

Not really. But one of the funny things about the PFN mock draft simulator is that as soon as the draft ends, their simulator is updated for the next draft, even though they have no hard knowledge about most things. So you can actually run a 2022 mock if you want. Just for fun, I went to it. Here are some tidbits of "information" for those of you dying to know the future:

1.) PFN is apparently not impressed with the Giants' draft haul, or with Daniel Jones, or something. Here are their top 10 draft positions:

1- Detroit Lions (I guess they don't see Jared Goff as an upgrade over Stafford)
2- Houston Texans (I am hard pressed to imagine the Texans winning any games this year, so I am surprised they are #2)
3- Jacksonville Jaguars (I guess Trevor Lawrence is not enough)
4- Philadelphia Eagles (Jalen Hurts to DeVonta Smith is not the answer)
5- Cincinnati Bengals (very surprised by this - they were becoming competitive and now they have Burrow for a full season and Ja'Marr Chase to throw to)
6- NY Jets (as with the Jags, a new QB is not enough, maybe they need to add a third Michael Carter)
7- NY Giants (I assume this means they expect Daniel Jones to either fail or to get killed by the OL given no 2021 OL draft picks)
8- Atlanta Falcons (Kyle Pitts has to be worth more than 4 positions in the draft, doesn't he?)
9- Denver Broncos (the Broncos are becoming a very impressive team, especially on defense, but I guess with Drew Lock this is what you get)
10- NY Giants (from Chicago - so either Andy Dalton is QB1 the entire year or Justin Fields has growing pains)

Also, at the high-rent end:
29-32- GB*, Buffalo, TB, KC

* - they do not specify whether this projection is with Aaron Rodgers or Jordan Love at QB. You have to go to the Jeopardy! mock simulator for that.

So since they expect the Giants to fall flat in 2021, here is the full list of GIants' picks: 7, 10, 39, 71, 84, 107, 110, 139, 171, 202. Wow.

2.) Since PFN seems not to be impressed with Daniel Jones, who might the Giants draft with that #7 pick? Has to be a QB. What QBs are coming out next year? PFN's big board at the moment lists 4 top-tier candidates:

2- Spencer Rattler, Oklahoma
4- Sam Howell, North Carolina
15- Kedon Slovis, USC
29- Desmond Ridder, Cincinnati

So a slightly lighter top-tier QB class than 2021, at the moment anyway. The good news is that with 2 picks in the top 10 and 3 in the top 40, the Giants are well positioned to move up and take one of the top two QBs. The bad news is that when you run the mock, it has the Lions taking Rattler and the Eagles taking Howell (which makes sense since Goff is Goff, and Hurts they appear not to think much of). So welcome Kedon Slovis, the newest Giants QB! (We won't be trading down since right behind us are Atlanta, which apparently will experience the decline of Matt Ryan in 2021, and Denver, which still is depending on Drew Lock).

3.) Since we won't be trading down from #7, you may be interested in non-QBs at the top of the PFN big board:

1- Kayvon Thibodeaux, EDGE, Oregon
3- Derek Stingley Jr., CB, LSU
5- Kyle Hamilton, S, Notre Dame
6- Ahmad Gardner, CB, Cincinnati
7- Christian Harris, LB, Alabama
8- Drake Jackson, EDGE, USC
9- Chris Olave, WR, Ohio St.
10- Evan Neal, OT, Alabama

Other OLs near the top are
17- Rasheed Walker, OT, Penn St.
22- Tyler Linderbaum, C, Iowa
23- Zion Nelson, OT, Miami
30- Charles Cross, OT, Miss. St.
36- Jarrett Patterson, C, Notre Dame
38- Ed Ingram, G. LSU
42- Ben Brown, G, Mississippi
43- Abraham Lucas, OT, Wash. St.
48- Zion Johnson, G, Boston College

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