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NFL Draft grades, Day 2: New York Giants a Day 2 winner

Fans, analysts praise what Giants did while working the board

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For the second straight day, New York Giants fans appear to be thrilled with what the team did in the 2021 NFL Draft.

The decision by “Trader Dave” Gettleman to move back eight spots and still be able to select Georgia edge rusher Azeez Ojulari, a player some (including yours truly) thought would have been value for the Giants in Round 1 at No. 11 — or No. 20 — was met with overwhelming approval.

In our poll, 81 percent (2,126) of 2,631 voters gave that pick an ‘A’ grade.

In Round 3, the Giants moved up from No. 76 to No. 71 and selected cornerback Aaron Robinson. Eighty-nine percent of 1,543 voters in our poll graded that pick as a ‘C’ or higher. Fifteen percent (224 voters) gave the pack an ‘A,’ 46 percent (724 voters) gave it a ‘B,’ and 28 percent (428 voters) gave the pick a ‘C.’

What was the national perception?

Pro Football Focus though getting Ojulari at No. 50 was one of the biggest steals of Day 2.

Ojulari slid in the draft because of a knee issue on his medical report, but this slide was way too far, especially since well-renowned surgeon Dr. James Andrews checked out and okayed Ojulari’s knee earlier in the pre-draft process.

He may not have plus size and strength, but Ojulari is the most advanced pass-rusher in this class. He’s a speed rusher in its purest form, possessing arguably the best cornering ability in the class, and he is also the most technically advanced edge defender available this year. This is why he notched a 91.7 pass-rush grade in 2020, which both led the 2021 class and was the fourth-best mark we have seen from an SEC edge defender in the PFF College era.

ESPN’s Mel Kiper placed both moves by the Giants among his Day favorites.

Dave Gettleman did it again. That's back-to-back trades down in the first two days, and now the Giants have extra first-, third- and fourth-round picks in the 2022 draft. And to get Ojulari, my third-ranked outside linebacker, at No. 50 is stellar value. Ojulari is a perfect fit for New York's 3-4 defense, and he'll be a speedy rusher off the edge. He had 8.5 sacks for the Bulldogs last season. He also has some coverage ability, so he'll be able to disguise in Patrick Graham's defense.

Gettleman & Co. also got a versatile and physical corner in Robinson, who could compete for early playing time. It was a good Day 2 for the Giants. listed the Giants as a Day 2 winner.

Dave Gettleman proving everyone wrong: The Giants' general manager was 0-for-54 trading back as a general manager until the 2021 NFL Draft -- then he did it twice in a row! The move back in the second round looked even better after the Giants landed pass rusher Azeez Ojulari at No. 50, who is a terrific fit that fills a huge need in New York. He'll have a chance to start right away.