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Overshadowed LSU wide receiver Terrace Marshall ‘ready to eat’

Pass-catcher proved himself as a number one after playing behind Ja’Marr Chase, Justin Jefferson in 2019

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South Carolina vs LSU Photo by Chris Parent/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

Terrace Marshall knows most NFL draft scouts aren’t focusing on him when it comes to LSU wide receivers.

The lion’s share of attention goes to freak athlete Ja’Marr Chase, the 2019 Fred Biletnikoff Award winner for the best receiver in college football. Chase took 2020 off after hauling in 1,780 receiving yards and 20 TDs, leaving Marshall a bit more room to shine.

In 2019, Marshall was third fiddle behind both Chase and current Minnesota Vikings 1,400-yard receiver Justin Jefferson.

But the 6-foot3, 200-pound Marshall Jr. is a good, fast receiving prospect in his own right.

Pro Football Focus says his “massive catch radius combined with legit speed is a recipe for success. He’s still skinny but is also still young at only 20 years old.”

Had more to prove in 2020

Marshall could have opted out in 2020, but he understandably felt the need to show the world what he could do after playing behind Chase and Jefferson in 2019.

“I just felt like I had more to prove. I felt like I hadn’t done everything I needed to do to prove myself. I just wanted to go out there and play, compete.”

Over seven games in 2020, Marshall put up 731 receiving yards and 10 receiving touchdowns before opting out of the remainder of the season on Nov. 29th. It’s entirely possible Marshall Jr. could have earned at least 1,200 yards and 15 touchdowns had he played in 13 games. Maybe more.

Marshall is not shy

And he’s not shy about how he’ll contribute for the NFL team that grabs him in April’s draft.

“The only thing on my mind when I get on that line is to eat. The ball comes my way, get ready to make a play,” Marshall told reporters.

As for the team that drafts him, the receiver says he’s a flexible playmaker comfortable doing whatever the team asks - as long as they throw the ball.

“I just want to go to an offense that throws the ball and a QB that can get me to the next level,” he said. “What separates me from everybody is that versatility on the field ... to be able to play inside and out and be able to produce the same amount of numbers and score the same amount of touchdowns.

“It don’t really matter to me. The ball comes my way, the ball is still going to be coming the same way, so I’ve got to make the play. So it’s just whatever the team wants to do. They can use me wherever and they’re going to get the same player inside and outside.”

Physical player

NFL draft scouts have taken notice of Marshall’s physicality, and reporters were quick to ask him about his play on the field, and how he’ll fare as a teammate.

“You’re just going to be getting a great teammate overall, you’re going to be able to get a hard worker. You’re just going to get that dog, someone who takes advantage of the opportunities you’re given and don’t take it for granted. Overall, a great person, great leadership, I’m going to make everyone around me better,” said Marshall Jr.

Whoever does land Marshall Jr. - likely within the first two rounds of the draft - is going to get yet another high-ceiling playmaker from LSU.