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Giants draft preview videos

You like getting your information visually? We can do that

I probably don’t trumpet it enough, but Big Blue View has a fairly active, robust YouTube channel.

Throughout the buildup to the 2021 NFL Draft, Emory Hunt of Football Gameplan and Joe DeLeone have been posting preview videos for the draft. Let’s just make this easy on you. ALL of them are listed below.

There are position-by-position breakdowns from Hunt detailing which players he would target, and at which levels of the draft. DeLeone takes advantage of his roots as a small-school college player to detail small-school prospects to be aware of. DeLeone also gives you a full overview of Giants team needs.

While you’re watching, please subscribe to the channel. Also, please continue to listen to and support our podcasts. We will be bringing you several this week, so keep listening.

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