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The Giants couldn’t do this, could they?

Kyle Pitts is a desirable player, but not at the proposed price

Capital One Orange Bowl - Florida v Virginia Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Dave Gettleman loves Florida tight end Kyle Pitts. He made that clear recently during his pre-draft videoconference. The New York Giants, though, wouldn’t really be willing to make this mega-trade all the way up to No. 4 with the Atlanta Falcons, would they?

That proposal came from the crew on ‘Good Morning Football’ on Monday. That’s picks No. 11 and 42 (Round 2) this year, a first-round pick next year and tight end Evan Engram for the right draft Pitts.

In my view, there is no way the Giants can make — or at least — justify that trade.

Here is what Gettleman said when asked about Pitts:

“He’s a uniquely talented player. You can’t characterize him as just a receiving tight end because you watch him block and he’s got a lot of blocking grit, he’s got some nice fundamentals down and he’s certainly big enough. He’s a different breed of cat, now. He’s very talented.”

Pitts profiles as better than Engram. Basically, everything the Giants hoped Engram would be and has only hinted at becoming. No matter how good he might become, though, there is no chance his value could exceed two first-round picks and the 42nd overall pick, which is in the top half of the second round.

This is the type of deal you might make if you believe you are one pass-catching weapon away from being a Super Bowl team. That’s not where the Giants, 15-33 over the past three seasons, are.

Gettleman, we know, has never traded down as GM. He says he doesn’t want to get “fleeced” in a trade back.

If the Giants did this, as much as Pitts is likely to be a wonderful NFL player, they would be fleecing themselves.

— ‘Kudos’ to Zack Rosenblatt of NJ Advance Media for being the first to tweet about this