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Nate Solder says he would “probably” play in 2021 if he gets the chance

Solder pens heartfelt online post

Miami Dolphins v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Nate Solder has penned an article detailing his decision on why he opted out of the 2020 season. Solder forfeited $9.9 million in earnings due to his opt-out decision. He received the $3 million roster bonus and the stipend of $350,000 as a high-risk opt-out. No one was questioning his choice given his family’s misfortune situation. Solder’s son, Hudson, was dealing with multiple rounds of chemotherapy and had to lose part of his kidney in November of 2019.

Solder writes:

“To watch your son go through that — the fear and anxiety and the real sadness of how hard that is — is really hard to see. It put me in a real tailspin emotionally. I am not making excuses for my performance that season, but I did realize how dependent I am on emotional stability. It’s taking me a while, but thankfully through prayer, a great wife, a good community and therapy, it’s been good.”

Solder states that his son is currently doing much better. Solder went on to express some unknown about his NFL future as a 32-year-old that missed last season. Solder had to do what was right for his family and no one will begrudge him for that fact. Solder also states that he’s been working out and if given another chance in the NFL...he’d probably take it…

“I’m in a place now where if I am offered another chance to play football, I’ll probably take it. But I’m thankful for the decision I made last year for my family and community.”

It’s a touching piece for Solder, who has dealt with so much in his personal life. The “probably” isn’t a ringing endorsement, nor is the “offered another chance.” One could certainly infer that Solder could be implying that his time with the Giants may conclude. Head coach Joe Judge spoke glowingly of Solder this week and said they have been in contact, but Judge also stated that decisions will be addressed when the time comes.

Solder is set to count $16.5 million against the cap - the third-most on the team behind Leonard Williams (franchise tag) and James Bradberry. That is a lot of money for a player that missed last season; also the Giants invested two top 100 selections into his position group last year with Andrew Thomas (4th overall) and Matt Peart (99th overall).