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Super Bowl LV notes: Ex-Giants in the headlines

Steve Spagnuolo, Mike Remmers, DeAndre Baker all in the news

Houston Texans v Kansas City Chiefs
Steve Spagnuolo
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

A few former New York Giants are making headlines in the buildup to Super Bowl LV on Sunday between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Spags would like another head-coaching job

Things did not go well for two-time Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo when he was head coach of the St. Louis Rams from 2009-2011, as he compiled a record of 11-41, a .212 winning percentage.

Here is what Spagnuolo told the New York Post:

I’d like to get another crack at a head-coaching job,’’ Spagnuolo said, bluntly. “But I will not, listen, I don’t stay up nights thinking about it.’’

“I’m a competitor like anybody else,’’ Spagnuolo said. “It didn’t go as great as we wanted to in St. Louis, except for that one year. It’s a proving ground, the NFL is the greatest proving ground of all sports. So that part of it, I’d like another shot.’’

Spags is now, of course, defensive coordinator for the Chiefs. He could earn a third Super Bowl ring as a coordinator on Sunday. He knows he has it pretty good.

“Being with Andy Reid, there’s no other head coach I’d rather be with,’’ Spagnuolo said. “He’s terrific to work for, he’s a personal friend. The guy’s great. Rock solid. All the things you hear about him are true. Have you ever heard anybody say a bad word about him? He’s the best. If all of us could say they have a great job and work for people they love to be around, what’s better than that?’’

Remmers vs. Pierre-Paul

Mike Remmers, who played right tackle for the Giants, in 2019, gets the job of blocking Jason Pierre-Paul on Sunday. Remmers has been playing right tackle for Kansas City since starter Mitchell Schwartz went down with a back injury early in the season.

Asked about Remmers on Monday, Pierre-Paul had said he “didn’t even know who that was.”

If he was bothered by JPP’s remark, Remmers didn’t let on when he spoke to media on Tuesday:

“Yeah, I had someone send it to me, and honestly I don’t really care what his opinion is on anything,” Remmers said. “It’s like every week I’ve played in this league, I’ve never gone into a game thinking, ‘Hey, I wonder what this guy thinks of me.’ I don’t care at all. It makes no difference to me. I’m just going out there to do my job.”

Chiefs like DeAndre Baker

All Giants fans know DeAndre Baker’s tenure in New York ended quickly and controversially. He landed in Kansas City, spending a chunk of the season on the practice squad. Baker won’t be eligible for the Super Bowl as he is recovering from a fractured femur suffered Week 17, but the Chiefs want a longer look at the 2019 first-round draft pick. Here’s Spagnuolo:

“I’m glad you asked about him,” Spagnuolo said. “He was just on the practice squad, and then he played in the last game that didn’t mean anything to us, and he was playing really well, made a great break on one play, almost had an interception. The injury that he had, it was ugly, but he’s gonna be okay. The femur was fractured, believe it or not, but it was a clean one and it’s gonna heal fine. I kinda like his talent.

“It was hard to get to know him as a kid in that short of a period of time. I do like his talent. I’m hopeful we can get him back. I’d like to work with him.”