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VIDEO: Why Carl Lawson can bolster the pass rush

Having a plan as a pass rusher matters

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

Among the needs listed for the New York Giants this off-season is bolstering their pass rush. This is not to say that the Giants were woeful in this category last season, as their 40 team sacks were above-average, but pass rushing is like pitching in baseball: You can never have enough.

Our fearless leader wrote this week that Carl Lawson, an impending free agent with the Cincinnati Bengals, could be a welcome addition to Big Blue. The film backs that up. In this video breakdown you’ll see how Lawson implements an array of pass-rushing moves, and why having a Plan B as a pass rusher matters:

Last season the Giants relied heavily on scheme and design to generate pressure on opposing passers. Adding a player who can win the one-on-one battles could go a long way towards turning a good pass rush into a great one.

Check out the video breakdown of Lawson’s game.