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2022 Draft power rankings: Giants pass the Eagles and rise to No. 3

Sunday may have been bad on the field, but that’s good for the Giants’ draft

2021 NFL Draft Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The New York Giants’ Week 13 loss was another in a string of bad, painful losses. There have been too many such losses this year, and this is yet another lost season for the Giants.

If Giants’ fans are looking for a silver lining, they aren’t likely to find any on the football field. However, there is some positive news for the Giants when it comes to Draft Season.

We’ll start off with the neutral-good news that the Giants’ current first round draft slotting his holding steady following this week’s losses by the Giants and Chicago Bears. The Giants came into the week holding the sixth and seventh overall picks, and they still hold those picks today.

The Dolphins’ win over the Giants does reduce the value of the Giants’ second 3rd round pick, which is now 76th overall. However, I think keeping the value of their first round picks high is an acceptable trade — particularly considering the other implication.

The news that is sure put a smile on the face of Giants’ fans is that the Giants have now passed the Philadelphia Eagles to take the third spot behind the Jets and Lions in Tankathon’s Draft Power Rankings.

The win by the Eagles over the Jets and Dolphins over the Giants has knocked the Eagles out of the Top 10 completely, and they now hold the 12th, 13th, and 17th picks in the first round.

Boom, take that Eagles.

First round draft order

Assuming the order holds steady through the end of the season, the Giants’ draft capital could give them significant flexibility in navigating the draft board come April. While the 2022 quarterback class isn’t projected to be particularly strong, there are a number of potentially QB-needy teams behind the Giants. Teams like the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, Denver Broncos, or Pittsburgh Steelers could all be potential trade partners for one of the Giants’ first round picks.

Considering the Giants’ salary cap constraints, using one of those top 10 picks to create more draft capital and moving to a less-expensive draft slot should be on the table. While the Giants need as many good players as they can get, getting multiple bites of the apple while reducing the cost of one of their first-round contracts could be desirable.

There’s still a lot of football yet to be played, and the entire draft process left to unfold, but this is something to keep an eye on over the last five weeks of the 2022 season.