I know you can't fire Mara, but...

He needs to step away from football operations. A new GM/Director of Football Operations needs to be hired with FULL autonomy. Chris Mara needs to step down as Sr. VP of Scouting. Charles Tisch also has to go as Football Operations Assistant. Sorry, no more family involved with team, except the business side.

The new GM gets to pick the next head coach. He can interview Joe Judge and keep him if he wants, but keeping Judge cannot be a requirement of the GM being hired. Personally, I think Judge can become a good head coach IF he hires a great Offensive Coordinator. But I'll let the next GM decide that.

Listening to Steve Tisch speak last year, I somehow got the sense that he is sick and tired of having to answer questions about why the Giants are so bad. He's a smart guy; he knows as well as we do that Mara has done a horrific job of running the team. I think there is a very good chance that Tisch might have this kind of tough discussion with Mara. They are 50-50 partners, so he is the only one with a chance of making John Mara step away.

So come on Steve Ticsh! Save this franchise!

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