College Football Weekend & Other Recent Games, Focus on the 2022 Draft

I watched a lot of championship college football on Saturday, and the days before, as a number of big games had a lot of potential draft targets for the 2022 draft. Also, many you have already been commenting on certain players, and these games gave me a chance to focus in on lot of them in games with the result determining whether they made the year end playoffs or not.

Here are some of my thoughts:

1. Bryce Young is clearly the best QB in the country and as I said yesterday before Saturday's game against Georgia in my comments to others, I would love to go after him in 23.

2. Evan Neal played extremely well not allowing any sacks and minimal pressures. He's a keeper.

3. Jameson Wiliams reminds me of Kaderious Toney, but he is better.

4. Christian Harris, Will Anderson and Jordan Battle are terrific defensive players who make outstanding plays.

5. Jordan Davis may be a great player and run stuffer, but he looked very tired in this game, and maybe out of shape.

6. Nakobe Dean only made only 1 or 2 good plays, and did not have a great defensive game against the Tide.

7. Tyler Linderbaum played extremely well against a very tough Michigan team, and would make a great linch pin at center for our offensive line.

8. Kenny Pickett is probably the 2nd best QB in the country, and I like him over Matt Corral because he is bigger and stronger than Corral. He also is very athletic as evidenced by his long run for a TD. He looks a little like Justin Herbert, but time will tell if he is as good as the Charger QB.

9. Aidan Hutcinson is the best defensive end in the country and showed it against Iowa.

10. John Metchie is a very good WR who probably tore his ACL in the game, and will be out for the rest of the season. If he can overcome this injury, he will make some NFL team very happy. Reminds me of Michael Thomas as a terrific possession receiver, but with a little more speed.

11. Desmond Ridder is a very good college QB, but it remains to be seen if he can do it in the college playoffs against tougher and better talented teams.

12. Zamir White looks like a very good RB to me, but he didn't play enough in the game against Alabama as Smart rotated his RBs. Like to see how he does in the playoffs and maybe the Senior Bowl.

13. Roger McCreary the CB from Auburn is a very talented player; good size and speed.

14. Devin Lloyd the LB from Utah is a terrific player with very good size and speed at the position.

15. Myjai Sanders the DE from Cinn. I did not watch the game against Houston as much to get a read on him as a pass rusher. Want to follow up on him in the playoffs.

Like to hear your thoughts if you watched many of these games.

I know that there has been a lot of discussion on BBV about what the Giants should do with their two picks in Round One. Some believe we should take one offensive lineman and one defensive player, as there will be a lot of very good players on both sides of the ball available to us. I agree with some who firmly believe that we should draft two offensive lineman with these two picks. We all know that the offensive line has held this team back for several years, and Getty's promise to fix it, was a promise not kept. We will never be a playoff contender unless we fix the offensive line. This year's draft has a lot of very good offensive lineman who can turn this negative into a positive if we use our first round picks on this position. Just my opinion.

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