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What does Jake Fromm bring to Giants’ backup QB role?

After “crazy” week, Fromm is just a play away from being the Giants’ QB; What does that mean for New York

Green Bay Packers v Buffalo Bills
Jake Fromm
Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

The New York Giants signed Jake Fromm off the Buffalo Bills’ practice squad Tuesday afternoon. Sunday, Fromm will be the Giants’ No. 2 quarterback when they face the Miami Dolphins.

“It’s been a little crazy, but it’s been fun. Honestly, just super excited to be here,” Fromm said on Friday. “I’m out here at practice, but it’s just football, just trying to help out any way I can.”

Fromm said he learned he had been signed by the Giants as he came off the Bills’ practice field on Tuesday and “a lot changed after that.”

The Bills selected Fromm in Round 5 of the 2020 NFL Draft. He has yet to dress for a regular-season game.

Fromm isn’t intimidated by the situation.

“I look at it as more of an opportunity to get really excited about. Obviously hope nothing does happen, but I just want to be ready if that ever does happen and try to help this team win a football game,” Fromm said. “You think about what can happen, but honestly, the focus for me these last two days has just been learning as much as I can about this offense, this system and how we do things here. It’s just been an awesome opportunity.”

Including practice squad offensive lineman Isaiah Wilson, Fromm is the seventh former Georgia Bulldog on the Giants’ roster.

“It feels like home here,” Fromm said. “Got a lot of guys in the locker room. It does feel like home.”

Scouting report

Mark Schofield, writing for Touchdown Wire, called Fromm “perhaps one of the more scheme-limited quarterbacks in this class” before the 2020 draft. He also said:

Conclusion: Because of these limitations, Fromm will be a polarizing prospect for many teams. In some settings, such as those described above, he might be worthy of an early Day 2 selection. Other teams, like say the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Bruce Arians, might not even have him on their board. In the right environment, he could flourish, but those options are limited for him. Otherwise, he might just be another career-long backup type of player — valuable in a sense, but not someone you’ll covet early in the draft.

Comparison: Dane Brugler with The Athletic compared him to “Cody Kessler plus,” and that is accurate. Fromm is someone who will need to win with anticipation and his mind at the next level. In the most ideal of situations, he could grow into a Kirk Cousins type of passer — someone who paints by the numbers, functions in a run-heavy, play-action oriented offense and becomes a quarterback you win with, not a passer you win because of.

When it comes to an emergency backup, that’s probably just fine.

Three questions with Buffalo Rumblings

I reached out to MattRich Warren of SB Nation’s Bills website, Buffalo Rumblings, for some information abut Fromm. Here is a quick three-question Q&A.

Ed: Are you surprised to lose Fromm off the Bills’ practice squad? Is this something that will be upsetting to the Bills and their fans?

MattRich: I don’t think he was on Bills’ fans’ collective radar for a while, especially because when Mitch Trubisky was placed on the COVID list they called up Davis Webb because Fromm was also on the COVID list at the same time. He’s never played in a regular season game. When he was drafted, his ceiling was always “guy who could back up Josh Allen” and backup QBs only matter when they matter, ya know? This shows me they didn’t love what they saw from him in practice and were likely to add another backup this offseason when Trubisky left anyway. If they loved his progress, they would have tried to keep him under contract through 2023.

Ed: How good is the kid? Giants fans might look at this and say ‘well, he must stink because Buffalo elevated Davis Webb over him’ a few weeks back.’ What’s the deal?

MattRich: We saw him in a couple preseason games and that’s it. We don’t know what they would have done if Fromm had been available a few weeks back.

(If you want to just use the answer from above, I kinda stole my own thunder.)

Ed: Anything memorable about his time with the Bills? I know he was the “COVID-19 emergency QB” a year ago.

MattRich: Bills fans aren’t used to having a settled QB situation. Over the years, they’ve drafted QBs and every one of them were justified like “maybe they could develop into the guy if...” type of prospects. Because fans are so happy with Josh Allen, most of them saw Fromm as a necessary swing to add depth to the roster. Frank Reich was a fourth-rounder back in the day and I think that was the pipe dream. The signing of Trubisky this year relegated Fromm to the third QB (at best), but he was always a one-year option with the hope he could be the number 2 in 2022. If that was still the case, it feels like he’d be on Buffalo’s 53-man roster right now.