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Giants notebook: Kenny Golladay, Isaiah Wilson, Leonard Williams, more

News and notes about the Giants heading into Sunday’s game against the Bears

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
Keny Golladay trying to catch a pass against the Eagles.
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Let’s empty the notebook with a New Year’s Eve New York Giants notebook.

Joe Judge on the final two games

Obviously, the Giants would like to finish the season with victories in their final two games.

“You really just want these guys who have come out and worked very hard throughout the year for us, dealt with a lot of adversity throughout the year and stuck together very well as a team, to experience success, and we’ve talked a lot as a team,” Judge satold the team’s official website. “You just want these guys to go out and feel the rewards for their work. They’ve done everything we’ve asked them to do. There’s been a number of things that they had to overcome this year as a team and a number of changes and different things that we’ve had to work through. But ultimately, I really love and respect the way they show up every week and empty the tank for us.”

Which way to the end zone?

You could really ask the entire Giants’ offense if they know the answer to that question. Not finding it this season, though, has been particularly galling for high-priced free agent wide receiver Kenny Golladay. He has no touchdowns this season, and if he doesn’t catch a touchdown pass in the final two games that will be the first touchdown-less season in his five-year career.

“Of course it’s been kind of frustrating just with the ups and downs, not being able to be available for the entire season,” Golladay said. “It’s frustrating, but I’m just going to continue to come to work each and every week.”

Injury? What injury?

Defensive lineman Leonard Williams is playing through a triceps injury that would have sidelined many players. Aside from the brace on his arm, you would never know.

“I think during the game I have so much adrenaline, especially in the first half. I have so much fight in me that I’m not going to be the type to rollover and like be limping and doing stuff like that. Especially if I’m going to say I’m going to go and I’m going to be out there, I’m going to be out there 100 percent,” Williams said. “Even though it’s banged up during the week and it’s bothering me at nighttime when I’m at home and there are small things where I’m just reaching for something and I feel it and stuff like that.

“During the game, I know that especially this time of year, it would be rare if there was one player on the field that’s not dealing with something like that. It’s rare for a player this late in the year, this late in my career at that too, to not be mending or dealing with something throughout the game. I’ve been trained to fight through pain and adversity, and I want to be out there with my guys.”

No finger-pointing

Defensive coordinator Patrick Graham said his group i not pointing a finger at the struggling offense for this season’s poor record.

“Our job is to keep them from scoring more points than the offense, period, point blank. That’s our job. Unfortunately for 11 or 12 games we haven’t been able to do that,” Graham said. “There’s no selling it, I don’t think. It’s just that’s the job description and everyone knows what we signed up for. If you’re a defensive player, your goal is to keep them from scoring more points than the offense and that’s as simply put as we can put it.”

Ron Sales’ take on Isaiah Wilson

Yours truly usually goes to practice on the days position coaches are available to the media. For a variety of reasons related to new COVID-19 restrictions placed on media, I did not make the trip on Thursday.

Here, though, is an exchange with offensive line coach Rob Sale about practice squad guard Isaiah Wilson, a 2020 first-round pick by the Tennessee Titans.

Sale was asked how the infamously delinquent Wilson has been conducting himself as a professional behind the scenes.

“Next question,” he told reporters.

Asked if he is disappointed in Wilson, Sale said: “Everyday we’re working, pouring into him to get better, I would say that. So we’ll see. Every day’s a new day.”

Asked what Wilson has to do better, Sale told reporters: “Be dependable. Be dependable. Be dependable. What I like about Andrew Thomas is he’s dependable. Everybody likes somebody you can count on. Be dependable.”

To me, that speaks volumes about Wilson.