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Daniel Jones says he “ran out of time” to return this season

Giants’ QB does not expect long-term issues with his neck

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

It seems that the New York Giants fan base, at least the part of it that votes in polls here at Big Blue View, is accepting of the idea that Daniel Jones should be the team’s quarterback in 2022. Thus far, 79 percent of the more than 1,700 voters in our poll have said they believe Jones should be the starter when the 2022 season begins.

Head coach Joe Judge said this week that he had “seen enough growth from Daniel to know that he’s the one we want to go ahead and play with” next season. If, of course, Judge is retained for a third season as head coach.

The Giants, of course, placed Jones on IR Monday with his neck sprain, ending his season. Jones played in 11 games this season.

Jones met with media Wednesday for what will likely be the final time this season. He said that he and Judge have “had conversations” about next season.

“I think there’s things that I need to improve on. There’s things he expects me to improve on going forward,” Jones said. “I understand that and obviously take that very seriously. That’s kind of my approach.

“I think as we go forward and into next year, we’ve all got to do a better job. Like I said, we didn’t win enough games. We’ve got three important games to finish the season that obviously I won’t be playing in, but I feel like I can contribute and help prepare. We’ve all got to work to improve to make sure we’re moving forward as a team and in a better position next year.”

What about his neck?

Jones said “No, I don’t” when asked if he worried that his sprained neck would be a long-term issue.

“I think from all conversations with doctors and our medical staff here, going forward I think it’s something that’s going to heal,” he said. “It’s just kind of like a timing thing and unfortunately, (I) kind of ran out of time this season. That’s disappointing and frustrating, but it’s part of this game and something I’ve got to deal with, but I don’t have any concerns long term.”

Jones said he can throw, run, lift weights and has “fine” range of motion with his neck. He simply isn’t cleared for contact.

“I trust what the doctors are saying, and I’ve got to do my best to listen to them and continue to work through it,” Jones said. “I think there’s some swelling there. With most injuries, you’re going to have some kind of swelling around there. It’s that and just I’m still having symptoms in certain positions.”

Jones said he did not think the injury would lessen his willigness to run with the ball.

“I don’t think it’ll dramatically change that. I think that’s part of what our offense does. It’s part of what I feel like I can do,” Jones said. “I think we’ve talked about being smart and going down, going down earlier, protecting myself, protecting the ball. I think those are things I’ll continue to work on and certainly emphasized by this.”

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