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Post-game quotebook: What the Giants were saying after Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys

Giants react after falling to 4-10 on the season

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

What were the New York Giants saying after Sunday’s 21-6 loss to the Dallas Cowboys? Let’s go to the post-game press conferences and find out.

RB Saquon Barkley on the disappointment of this season...

“...At the end of the day, it’s going back to trusting myself, trusting the team, trusting the line, leading, coming to work every single day and push myself, push the guys around me. Like I think I’ve said before, I’m a big believer that the things you want to accomplish only happen if you work for it. Everything that I want to happen in my career is still out there. I’m still young in my career. The season is still not over, so just every single day just go out there and attack it and try to get better.”

QB Mike Glennon on his third interception of the game:

“Just kind of got flushed out of the pocket. I wasn’t able to get my body all the way around, tried to make a play. Wasn’t a smart decision to do and it’s the guy that’s leading the league in interceptions. Tried to make a play and ultimately just couldn’t get my body all the way into it.”

Joe Judge on taking out Mike Glennon and putting Jake Fromm in the game:

“We got to a point in the game where I wanted to see what Jake could do, point blank. We weren’t doing enough moving the ball otherwise, so I wanted to make sure I had the chance to see Jake and that will obviously open up a conversation about what we’re going to do this week. We’ll talk about it as a staff and we’ll make the best decision for the team.”

QB Jake Fromm on his first NFL appearance...

“Obviously, it was really fun to get out there. It kind of checked the list, checked the box there a little bit. I got to complete a childhood dream and got to play in an NFL game. It was awesome, just the ability to go out there with the guys. There are some new guys, I’m new. It was just fun to be able to get out, move the ball a little bit, try to compete, and give us a chance to win there at the end.” [Full story]

LB Lorenzo Carter on executing the defensive game plan against the Cowboys:

“It doesn’t get frustrating; we just have to be ready to go out there and make stops. Our job is to stop them no matter where they get the ball; we have to stop them and hold them to no points or as few points as possible. We just didn’t do that enough and make enough turnovers. We have to get the ball off of guys and just try to do our part to help the team win.”

DL Leonard Williams on the Giants’ defensive effort:

“I think our defense, we know that we’re a defensive team. We know that we have to dominate on defense to win games. We trust our offensive guys to do what they have to do, but we take a lot of pride and a lot of emphasis on getting the ball away, getting three-and-outs, shortening the field for our offense and being dominant on defense. I just don’t think we did enough today. We didn’t get enough takeaways. No scores on defense or anything like that.”